Saturday, October 31, 2009

Support a Catholic Speaker Month 2009--James (Jim) Stenson

First, thanks to Matt Warner at for creating this idea of sharing information on Catholic Speakers as a resource for Catholics.  It is cleverly called "Support a Catholic Speaker Month 2009".

Second, I stumbled across this idea and was surprised--shocked even--to see James Stenson still on the list of speakers without anyone assigned to it.  Then I realized the list said "Jim Stenson" which threw everyone else off.

I was able to attend a session with Mr. Stenson almost a decade ago, and left feeling like great knowledge had been left on my brain.  Seriously.  Not in a headache kind of a way, but in a lightbulb-burning kind of a way.

As a former headmaster, he takes "parent-leadership" seriously.  You only get one chance--ONE--to raise your kids.  No do-overs.  Jim's (I call him Jim--after you attend one of his talks or buy one of his books, you can too) approach is straightforward and thoughtful.  His single goal is to help you bypass the trial-and-error of parenthood and get right to the stuff that works.

His website has a number of folios for you to download for free.  You can even hear hm speak for over 3 hours discussing "Successful Fathers" (3 separate sessions of about an hour each).

I could go on, like the time I realized I'd gotten home without paying him for his book at the conference, and finally over a year later tracked him down and sent the check.  But no need to go there.

Give him a try.  Free listen online, free writing on his website and his contact information:

James B. Stenson
481 Hammond Street
Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts 02467
(617) 738-1225

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