Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010 Knights of Columbus dues letter

I serve as the Financial Secretary for my council.  It is the time of the year when we collect our annual dues and fees, which is largely a pain.  But someone has to do it.

I hate the little repetitive forms, and haven't worked out the online system to my liking yet.

Each year, I write a letter to encourage them to respond and avoid the dark consequences of second notices, Knight Alert letters, Form 100s and the required notification of every officer at every level from Supreme, my state, district and local council.

Below is a copy of this year's letter--would you rather get this or the little form?

The Letter

Dear Brother Knights,

It is that time of the year again, and I don’t mean Christmas! 

Yes, it is the season that all Finance Teams across the nation look forward to—when the warmth of money passes our hands and into the coffers of our respective councils. 

I know, I know...we shouldn’t have all the fun. Don’t tell anyone, but I have a way for you to share in the festivities too! 

For only $25 you can help fill the Finance Team’s heart with joy and merriment.
(If you are an Honorary Knight, it is only $17 and Honorary Life…only $7!)

This covers your dues and fees for the coming year. 

What do you get out of it? Why, the services of your Financial Secretary and Treasurer for one. Columbia magazine. Newsletters. Websites. Email. Don’t forget the opportunity to donate your time to the parish picnic, pancake breakfasts, coffee ministries, chicken sales, Scouts, youth group, KOVAR and more.

More, really?

How about a group of like-minded Catholic brothers, united about the common aims of our Church? Prayer, fellowship and a few good laughs along the way. Oh, and meetings.

Where else can you get all of this for only $25?

Just short the collection basket this week, and let’s get those checks in. [OK, that was just a little humor for Father.

Merry Christmas,

Financial Secretary

So, what do you think?  Do you like the little forms?  And does anyone use Paypal for their KOC dues payments?