Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Really Good Friday

The math is against me.

I'm 47, and my wife is not much further behind.  We have 8 kids, and through breastfeeding, they have all been roughly spaced about 3 years apart.  No charts, graphs or really other considerations.  Just God's little joke/plan.

Good times and bad, richer and poorer, health and sickness--and always the kids.  

Our oldest is 26, our youngest will be 3 this summer.  The oldest ones have married fine people.

Our first grandchild turned 3 on Easter.  Our youngest grandchild, and fifth, is due in the fall.

Time is slipping by, and accelerating.  We keep trying to face the reality of our family finally aging with us, and not being continually renewed every third year.

Kids keep you young, but let's face it:  At 47 my left knee, my eyesight and my stamina aren't what they used to be.  Naps sound better than ever.  

It has probably been hardest on my wife.  After all these years, her life is changing dramatically.  She began to take classes at the community college to resume a quarter-century dormant urge.

Until Good Friday became Great Friday and the test came up positive.

The ninth time around you would think we'd know the signs.


  1. Congrats! Now you have your own "9 lives!"

  2. I hope you see to it that your wife continues her education. She's been smothering her dream for a quarter of a century; it's her turn now.

  3. Um, you make a couple of assumptions (at least that is how I read it).

    1) My wife is going to school because she wants to--nothing for me to see to. I support her education and goals, emotionally, physcially and economically.

    2) She would be the first to say that her kids and family are her vocation and most important to her.

    "Smothering" kind of implies she's been doing something else instead of what she wanted.


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